We are excited to have you join us as we explore the vast realm of fitness and seek to understand what it means to be a versatile athlete in today’s world. In this podcast we will seek to debunk fitness myths and stereotypes, shine light on workout prejudices, and provide new and exciting ways of doing fitness and viewing health.

About Us

About your authors and hosts

Natalie Harris:

Natalie has been active all her life, starting from gymnastics as a child, moving on to be the volleyball star of her high school and club teams, to track days in college. She is now a volleyball coach, a person trainer with various different certifications to assist athletes to achieve their goals. Amongst some of those are FAFS (Fellow of Applied Functional Science from the The Gray Institute ), FMR (Functional Manual Reaction ) , and ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) certified. She has done all sorts of sports in her life besides her professional school sports.  Some examples include: running 5ks, frisbee golf, biking, swimming, , water skiing, tackle football, hiking, horseback riding, skiing etc. Last year she completed her first sprint triathlon(Search under Natalie Nobbs as she was not married then) in which she placed 8th in overall women’s division, 1st in her age group and 33rd overall.

Irina Whittlesey:

Irina started out her fitness journey as a casual jogger and hiker in beautiful Bellingham, WA. Through the years she ran 2 half marathons and hiked hundreds of miles in the North Cascades, Mount Rainer and Mount Baker. She has summited Mount St. Helens, backpacked Mount Townsend, biked a hundred miles from US to Canada in a weekend,  hiked the Grand Canyon and ran several 5ks. She is an Olympic lifting athlete and coaches Crossfit at Hop Valley Crossfit in Yakima, WA. She is PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant) by trade and is the Director of Rehabilitation Services in Toppenish. She is certified in Facial Movement TapingMulligan Techniques and various gait analysis.

Two people, passionate about the human body, anatomy and movement. We will aim to debunk myths in the fitness industry as well as myths about who is an is not an athlete. We will introduce you to ways to balance your physical fitness with your mind and soul. We will aim to show you that fitness isn’t just one aspect of physical wellness and not one movement or sport by introducing you to different ways to enjoy exercising. We will interview athletes from a variety of sports and probe them with questions on how they learn to find balance between fitness and life.

Our goal with this project is to show you ways to learn to find myths in the fitness industry, set S.M.A.R.T goals and how to reach them, as well as balance your progress in the physical realm without overpowering your daily life and joys of leisure. We want to have conversations about what is hard in this world for athletes, what questions you have about fitness, and to answer your questions to research supported material.

So excited you are here for this journey. Join us by asking questions and replying with your comments.